$2900+ taxes
All-Inclusive Emergency Surgery

After the initial workup here or by your family veterinarian (with an exam consultation with us), all medications, monitoring, and hospitalization before surgery is included as well as up to 48 hours of post-op care. If your pet is more stable than another patient and has to wait longer for the surgery, you are not incurring those extra costs, and if your pet needs extra time to be as stable as possible prior to surgery, you are also not incurring these costs.


No matter how long the surgery takes, it is included. These are emergency surgeries that we are used to doing and sometimes they take longer than expected but, you don’t have to worry about incurring these extra costs as it’s all included.

This does not include unexpected complications that require a Boarded Surgeon, Internal Medicine, Anesthesiologist, or ICU and Criticalist

This does not include unexpected complications during or after surgery

  • ie/ dehiscence- sometimes patients do not heal well, and the surgical sites come apart requiring a second surgery

  • ie/ a complicating pancreatitis that requires further diagnostics (blood work +/- an abdominal ultrasound)

  • ie/ a delayed recovery beyond the 48 hours, additional costs would not be included as this too, is an unexpected complication , and often is due to another underlying condition


Includes individual tailored anesthetic protocols (hydromorphone, methadone, hydro-midazolam combination, Fentanyl CRI, HLK CRI etc)

Technician monitoring throughout surgery

Including Doppler blood pressure monitoring, cardiac monitoring, CO2 monitoring etc.

  • One of our veterinary technicians (animal nurses) is monitoring patient anesthetic from induction to recovery and never leaves your pets side. They have an animal care attendant with them at all times as well as to get them anything they need throughout the process.

Post operative analgesia

Includes individual tailored analgesia, including CRI’s as needed

Minor diagnostics as needed

  • PCV’s to assess blood levels
  • BG levels to assess blood glucose as needed

Up to 48 hours of post-op recovery

We have put a limit on recovery time, as patients typically recover within this window, and if they are not recovering as expected, then this is when we would recommend further work up to find out why (not included), or humane euthanasia as the nicest thing we can do to not allow our pets to suffer.

Intra-op radiographs as needed

For example, during a cystotomy, to ensure no stones were hiding or missed as they can be extremely small.

Complications after discharge are not included

For example, discharge instructions not being followed and allowing running or jumping causing incision to open. We will send detailed discharge instructions home to be closely followed for the best possible full recovery for your pet.

Euthanasia and Regular Cremation

  • If owners opt not to proceed giving findings during surgery (ie/ cancer), or continued deterioration rather than recovery
  • We will not allow our patients to suffer needlessly if they are not recovering as expected, and if we feel that they are deteriorating despite our best efforts, a decision must be made for humane euthanasia (at our expense), further work up or care beyond the expected post-op recovery (at owner expense), or transfer to a referral clinic (at owner expense)

Oral medications to go home are included

For example, an antibiotic may be necessary for a week after surgery if there was concern with infection, or gastrointestinal support sent home to make sure they continue to recover and feel good until they are completely back to themselves.

An e collar

To prevent licking of incisions will be provided.

We are not cutting any corners of care offering this package, and will offer the same great medicine that we always have.


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